Dorothy Ann's Shop

Paintings and Prints

If you would like to buy a painting or a print of a painting just email me at and we can sort out the details. Depending on the size, giclée prints of paintings are likely to cost from about £50.

Greetings Cards and Postcards

Prices - including postage and packing

Greetings Cards are £3.00 each, discounted to £2.50 each if you buy three or more. So one card costs £3.00, two cost £6.00, three cost £7.50, four cost £10.00, etc.

Postcards are 75p each with a minimum order of four. So four cards cost £3.00, five cost £3.75, six cost £4.50 etc.

  1. You send an email to, saying which cards you want and telling me the name and address to post them to. Please make it clear whether you want the greetings card or the postcard of each picture.
  2. I will reply to you with the total cost and my bank details
  3. You transfer the money to my account using your name as the reference
  4. I post you the card/s and email you to tell you that they are in the post

Greetings Cards

These are printed on folded A4. The image is A5 size and you will receive an envelope with each card.

120 Colours

Birds Bus and Peacock Paper

Spirit Earth Reflecting
Market Street

Market Street Dressings

Paper Patterns and Lanterns

Crown Street Reflection

Bright Colours Reflecting
George Square

Elwood Vintage Shop


Market Street Dressings

Birds Bus and Peacock Paper

Elwood Vintage Shop

120 Colours

Crown Street Reflection

Paper Patterns and Lanterns

David, Parade Reflection

Whitstable Walk

Cabbages and Cushions

George Square Reflection

Fleur de Lys Reflection

Below the Surface

Amsterdam Hats

Butchered Reflection

Looking down the Glacier
across the Simingjoch

Stubai Alps

Peony Tree Seed Pod

Variations on a Seed Pod

Oops My Dress Got Wet

Before Bicycles; Buttons and Bunting

New Rolls, Market Street

Dressing up on Albert Street

Oasis and Fluer de Lys
Window Reflection


Busy Bike in Sorrento
Shop Window